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A playoff primer for one of the wildest baseball seasons in memory

After a wild 162 game season, the Major League Baseball playoffs return to their normal format, as 10 teams will once again compete for the championship.

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Baseball sends Durbin and Loutos to Braves, Cardinals in historic draft day

Rising senior Caleb Durbin was drafted for the Atlanta Braves in the 14th round and May graduate Ryan Loutos signed with the St. Louis Cardinals as an undrafted free agent.

| Senior Sports Editor

Small talk with Tony La Russa: A sports fan calls up the 2014 commencement speaker

The last time I was intimidated by somebody I was interviewing, I was a wee freshman walking into the office of Larry Kindbom, the head coach of the Washington University football team; it was my first ever interview for Student Life. But as I sat in my office, about to make the call that would be my last interview as editor-in-chief of StudLife, I was also sweating.

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A brief trip down Red Sox and Cardinals memory lane: where my heart lies

On a shelf of my bedroom in West Los Angeles sits a Manny Ramirez World Series MVP bobblehead. Somewhere buried in my closet are a Boston Red Sox championship hat and marginally hideous T-shirt featuring the Boston Globe’s post-victory newspaper front page.

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Root, root, root for the Cardinals

Anybody but Boston. As a Yankees fan whose team tragically missed out on the playoffs, “anybody but Boston” was the team I was rooting for to win the World Series once the postseason began.

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Five ways to enjoy shorts and t-shirt weather

TREEmendous Join the folks at the Missouri Botanical Garden and Gamma Tree Experts for the ultimate outdoor activity: an arboreal scavenger hunt. From now until the end of September, you are invited to visit, where you’ll find the coordinates for 30 of St. Louis’ most spectacular trees in parks all around the county and Illinois.

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