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Break too short? Ways to recreate spring break on campus

Remember spring break last week? Are you still not over it? Don’t worry.

| Senior Scene Editor

In case you missed it: Spring break sports recap

Just because you were chilling on a beach in Aruba over spring break doesn’t mean Student Life Sports wasn’t keeping careful tabs on the Washington University athletic scene. Now that you’re back, we’ve assembled the highlights for your reading pleasure.

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What to watch over spring break

Though breaks are supposed to be a symbol of relaxation and laziness, I often find myself laboring to find a new show to binge. Here is my guide to what you should watch over spring break.

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Surviving the post-spring break sadness

Life goes on after spring break, believe it or not. Here are some ways that you can make the second half of your semester even better than your break.

| Staff Writer

Branson, Missouri: It’s better than Cancun

Sometimes, you have to take the road less traveled. Sometimes, you have to look yourself in the mirror and know you took a risk. These are lessons I’ve learned from Dodge truck and Wells Fargo commercials, respectively. I try to apply them in my everyday life whenever possible.

| Senior Scene Editor

Tips for spring break service trips for first-timers

Time to whip out your seasonal, rhinestone-encrusted jorts, everyone—it’s almost spring break. Some of us are staying on campus while others are going home to make sure their parents didn’t accidentally forget about them (at least, that was my intention). Some students are taking advantage of the week to go on a spring break service trip.

Rima Parikh | Staff Writer

Unlike other breaks, spring’s scheduling comes at perfect time

In several of our previous staff editorials, we have criticized the University’s scheduling, from the lengths of fall and Thanksgiving breaks to the timing of Parent and Family Weekend. However, spring break comes at just the right moment.

Stuck in St. Louis? Three musical moves for spring break

Here are three musically motivated events that will get you out of your St. Louis based depression.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

What to do in St. Louis over spring break?

While some will be jetting off to exotic locales like Miami, Cancun or Westchester, plenty of students will be staying in St. Louis for their break. Not to fear, though, there’s plenty to do in town with a week off, and Scene’s got you covered.

Habitat for Humanity, Global Brigades allow students to make a difference on alternative spring break trips

By the time spring break arrives, many students are feeling burned out and in need of a much-deserved escape from papers and exams. Yet while some choose to venture to laid-back lake houses or breezy, boozy beaches (read: the notorious Panama City Beach), others opt for trips that will help greater charitable causes.

Claudia Vaughan | Senior Scene Editor

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