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Baseball: McGwire joins WUSTL baseball coaching staff

While controversial slugger Mark McGwire has already signed a hefty contract to be the St. Louis Cardinals hitting coach, he recently decided to take up another coaching job in his spare time: being a member of the Washington University baseball team’s coaching staff. “I owe this city so much, the least I could do was lend my skills to the community,” McGwire said.

Charlie “Kung Fu” Hustle | Baseball/Cheating Expert

Mascot change: Quack, Quack, Quack! Here come the DUCs

After countless years and 18 NCAA Division III championships as the Washington University Bears, the University announced this week that it’s ditching the beast in favor for something less imposing and more applicable to the school—the DUCs.

Lars Lars Pansonfars | Avian Biologist

Phi Slamma Jamma to become University’s 13th fraternity

Phi Slamma Jamma opened up its doors to its first pledge class as it becomes the 13th fraternity at Washington University. The house, located on Upper Frat Row, has been known for hosting some of the top parties.

Jimmy Cox | Batboy

Athlete of the century: Wash. U. Bear

It’s the end of an era, folks. At the close of this season, the Bear will retire as the face of Washington University athletics. After over 150 years of spirited service, the Bear will hang up its fuzzy suit and make way for the newest mascot, the not-so-mighty DUC.

Leia Skywalker | Lightsaber Enthusiast

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