On unexpected paths and broken boxes

When I look back on my elementary school years, I can easily characterize myself as a quitter.

| Editor-in-Chief

Not all legends are heroes

Kobe Bryant is one of the most skilled, competitive and hardworking players the NBA has ever seen. Even after a series of debilitating injuries, he dropped 60 points in his last game ever against the Utah Jazz—quite the way to go out.

| Staff Writer

WU sports teams reject Sumers Center, move to Los Angeles

After a nearly two-year fight to keep Washington University sports teams in St. Louis, the Bears are moving to Los Angeles. Despite an aggressive effort by city legislators and impassioned appeals by St. Louis sports fans, the Bears turned down the new Gary M. Sumers Recreation Center, which added more than 60,000 square feet compared to the previous Athletics Complex.

Roger Baddell | Scam Kranky's Minion

The degradation of quality sports journalism

Within the deluge of programming, ESPN’s content becomes endlessly repetitive and lacks quality.

| Contributing Reporter

Go see a game, or why seeing the Bears will save the school culture

Building school culture is not easy, but big universities have found a way: athletics. Nothing galvanizes a student body quite like sports.

Cross-country, volleyball lead Wash. U. to top of Learfield Cup’s first standings

On the strength of its top-four national championship finishes in both men’s and women’s cross-country, Washington University topped the first set of Division III Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup Standings.

| Editor-in-Chief

Alert! (Red) Alert! Bearing witness to Wash. U. sports

If you ask the average Washington University student whether he or she regularly attends athletic events to support the Bears, your odds of getting “yes” as an answer will likely be slim. Being in NCAA Division III, our athletics get much less media or national attention compared to any big university like the University of Alabama and the University of Florida. This doesn’t mean our teams don’t deserve attention.

B-school to offer new business of sports minor

A new 15-credit business of sports minor offered by the Olin Business School is now open to students in all four schools.

Sam Weien | Contributing Reporter

A sneak preview of the athletic department’s new website

The Washington University athletic department plans to launch a brand-new website on Thursday, tweaking the look and functionality of the website’s interface that was last updated in 2008, but with emphasis placed on the unseen inner workings of the website.

| Sports Editor

Small talk with Tony La Russa: A sports fan calls up the 2014 commencement speaker

The last time I was intimidated by somebody I was interviewing, I was a wee freshman walking into the office of Larry Kindbom, the head coach of the Washington University football team; it was my first ever interview for Student Life. But as I sat in my office, about to make the call that would be my last interview as editor-in-chief of StudLife, I was also sweating.

| Staff Reporter

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