It’s not a competition: Stop stress speech

As students, we’ve turned being busy into a sort of competition, perpetuating a mentality of “if you’re not suffering, you’re doing it wrong.” We don’t realize how detrimental this to our overall wellbeing.

| Senior Forum Editor

University announces ambassador, presidential hopeful Huntsman to give Founder’s Day address

Jon Huntsman Jr., former U.S. ambassador to China, will deliver this year’s Founder’s Day Student Address, the Washington University Alumni Association has announced.

and | Student Life Editors

Civil rights leader speaks on post-racial America

The election of a black man to the presidency is not necessarily an indicator of racial harmony, according to Julian Bond, chairman of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

| Staff Reporter

Juniors: It’s time to start thinking about Commencement speakers

You may be absorbed in the midst of recovering from your junior midterms, struggling through your writing intensive, and enjoying or preparing for your semester abroad, but—as difficult as it is to believe—hotel rooms for May 2011 are already filling up because of overzealous parents’ reservations. Believe it or not, it’s time for you to start thinking about Commencement speakers too.

SU, student leaders address student body at campus State of the Union

Student Union President Jeff Nelson reiterated his administration’s central message in the first-ever Campus State of the Union address Wednesday evening, pledging to renew student activism. Nelson stated Student Union’s upcoming goals, calling on the student body to support their sports teams, make campus events greener, reduce dining lines and push for a restructuring of […]

| News Manager

Noted scholar on Middle East to discuss threats facing Israel

Renowned Middle East scholar Michael Oren will deliver a speech on the threats to Israel’s existence to University students and the St. Louis community at the 560 Building on Thursday evening at 7:30. Oren’s lecture will address many of the problems facing Israel today, including terrorism, threats from Iran, the nation’s military arsenal and changing demographics, among others.

| News Manager

Treasury approves Rove speech

After nearly an hour of passionate debate Tuesday night, Student Union Treasury voted to approve a $35,000 emergency appeal to bring Republican political strategist Karl Rove to campus.

| News Editor

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