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Speaker Series lineup announced

With an increased budget of $170,000, Student Union groups plan to bring bigger names in higher quantities, including LeVar Burton of “Reading Rainbow” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and Michelle Kwan, Olympic figure skater and public diplomacy ambassador.

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Student Union seeks better consistency, success from 2012-13 Speaker Series

Last year, the Student Union Speaker Series faced cancellations by the likes of Al Gore and Sofia Vergara and had to provide John Legend with thousands of dollars more than originally intended to ensure that he would speak.

Leigh Brosof

Students should demand more from Treasury

I was one of the kids who wore an orange jumpsuit and turned her back on Alberto Gonzales after he spoke. I sat in stunned silence as Karl Rove neatly eviscerated those who questioned him with a charisma, wit and intelligence that were highly impressive if not at the same time unmistakably evil. And I too crossed my fingers and prayed that Zach Braff really would reschedule next time.

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