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Zetcher family makes $8 million commitment for need-based aid, supporting WU goal to go need-blind

In the Zetchers’ recognition, South 40 House will be renamed Arnold and Ellen Zetcher House.

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Weekly dinners unite students, mentally disabled

In the midst of the dinnertime bustle at South 40 House, a diverse group of students and members of the local community, including Washington University staff, sit down for a dinner that emphasizes unhurried conversation and meeting new people.

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New South 40 roof promotes sustainability

The South 40 House boasts not only new dining options and expanded housing but also brand new environmental sustainability capabilities. An environmentally friendly “green roof”—containing grass, native plants and approximately 110,000 pounds of soil —debuted in late September. The roof covers a loading dock, kitchen and other areas of the South 40 House’s southern lower level.

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Officials aim to fill students in on South 40 construction plans

While many students have come to accept the towering cranes, mounds of clay and inconvenient fences as a norm of life on the South 40, the construction setup still begs the question: Why is there a hole in the South 40?
So far, most students only have vague ideas of what the ongoing construction project might bring.

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Construction hinders some students on South 40

South 40 residents moved back to campus this August to find the first phase of construction in the area finished and the second part already underway. The first phase consisted of the construction of two new dorms—the South 40 House and Umrath House, as well as the construction of two new dining facilities housed in […]

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Word on the Street: “What do you think of the new South 40 House?”

I think it looks architecturally nice. As far as I know, it can be a pain to get food, but the food is really good, and the workers are really nice. Sophomore Lindsay Wang There is not enough variety in the downstairs section because there are only two areas—the sandwich line and the grill. The […]

Freshman Press: Residents welcomed by sight of new Umrath, South 40 houses

Incoming freshmen and returning upperclassmen are adjusting to changes on the South 40 as construction on the new Umrath House and South 40 House near completion.
The two buildings will house 121 students and provide the primary dining and fitness facilities for all South 40 residents.

| Freshman Press Reporter

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