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Going to Wash. U. is a privilege, do not let ingratitude tear down the joy of others

“I had expected my peers to feel similarly, to be in awe of the amenities, to be thrilled by the opportunity, the absolute privilege, we all have received by getting to be educated at somewhere like Wash.U. But instead…I have been surrounded by insults to the food, insults to the housing, insults to the institution.

| Managing Editor

Staff Editorial: TRIO’s first-generation database provides an important resource for students, a step in the right direction

The Editorial Board is grateful to know that the University is committed to ensuring equality in access to resources for first-generation students upon their arrival on campus, resources that may be beneficial to their success at Wash. U.

Op-ed: Why Wash. U. students deserve free menstrual products

$18,171. That’s the average cost of menstruation over a lifetime, including tampons, pads, liners and birth control.

Ranen Miao and Miri Goodman | Class of 2023

Op-Ed: Three Stories

I sense the need to hear these stories, to share them and to urge us to take them into consideration as we move forward as a community dedicated to the increased diversity of our student body.

Ron Cytron | Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Staff Editorial: It’s okay if you don’t have a summer internship

Opportunities will come with time. You may not secure the perfect summer internship. You may not have the perfect first job, but it’s only a first job. There will be other opportunities.

Consider socioeconomic background before passing judgment on members of the ROTC

Judging people for joining the ROTC, labeling them as murderers or as lacking morality, is elitist. It is failing to realize that not everyone can afford to go to college or has the connections and the guidance to find other scholarships to avoid the military.

| Managing Editor

Work-study at WU: Does it get better than this?

While any work-study student will tell you it is nice to have an income for tuition and outside expenses, being a working student indeed comes with its drawbacks.

Isabelle Gillman | Staff Writer

Nothing in life is free: The daily considerations of a Sam Fox student

Many current Sam Fox students are struggling to keep themselves financially afloat as one project for a single class can cost hundreds of dollars to create.

Rory Mather | Contributing Reporter

Opinion: How to save money: Because not all of us are from the top 20th percentile

Students coming from a different socioeconomic background tend to find themselves in a community where saving money isn’t everyone else’s top priority.

| Senior Scene Editor

Opinion: How to talk about SES on campus: A guide for students

If someone is raised with money, it can be hard for to see the viewpoint of those who were not so privileged. This may lead to small, mindless comments that make others feel out of place, awkward or even ashamed.

Lauren Alley | Senior Forum Editor

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