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Zetcher family makes $8 million commitment for need-based aid, supporting WU goal to go need-blind

In the Zetchers’ recognition, South 40 House will be renamed Arnold and Ellen Zetcher House.

| Staff Reporter

WashU Pledge’s inaugural year supports five percent of first year students

The recent convocation of Washington University’s Class of 2024 marks the inauguration of a new admissions plan: the WashU Pledge.

Anirudh Kesanapally | Staff Reporter

Tuition increase places unfair financial burden on lower income students

Students in the top 1% for family income already are represented three times more than students in the bottom 60% in the WU student body, and now tuition is rising again only to hit them harder than higher income students.

Orly Einhorn | Contributing Writer

WU/FUSED disrupts tuition forum, pressures University to go need-blind

Washington University for Undergraduate Socioeconomic Diversity disrupted the University Tuition Forum to advocate for need blind admissions, Jan. 22.

News Editors

WU/FUSED urges WU to build on commitment to financial equity

Washington University for Undergraduate Socioeconomic Diversity circulated a student petition this week calling for Washington University to become a need-blind institution following Chancellor Andrew Martin’s inauguration.

| Senior News Editor

Martin announces free tuition for low-income students in Missouri and Southern Illinois

Low-income students from Missouri and Southern Illinois will be able to attend Washington University for free starting in the 2020-2021 school year, Chancellor Andrew Martin announced in his inaugural address, Oct. 3.

| Managing Editor

Martin’s promises from the past year, examined

As Andrew Martin is formally inaugurated as the 15th Chancellor of Washington University this week, Student Life is examining the statements he has made about his goals and promises for his administration. Foremost among these goals is boosting socioeconomic diversity and solidifying the role of free speech on campus.

Elizabeth Phelan | Staff Reporter

Op-Ed: Letter to the editor: All campus workers need $15/hr and free childcare

My anxiety about money is hindering my ability to take care of myself and other people in my life who matter to me.

Sarah Martin | Class of 2019

We should all be excited about Elizabeth Warren’s college plan

We’re perhaps best known nationally as the school with the worst socioeconomic diversity measures in the country; we’re a part of the problem this proposal is confronting.

| Staff Writer

Op-Ed: Prestige and Poverty: #FightFor15

The majority of organizers for economic empowerment on campus are graduate students or union members. Only a small percentage of those at rallies are undergraduate students, despite all the rhetoric about Wash. U. being an engaged student body. Does that sit well with you, Wash. U.?

Charles Bosco | Class of 2021

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