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Our societally accepted addiction: technology, social media and the need to break away

Why I terminated my social media accounts and how it has helped me focus and enjoy the world more.

| Senior Editor

WU group chats and the online bystander effect

If it’s true that large group chats can be a place to uplift one another and create community, it must follow that these spaces are capable of doing damage and normalizing insensitivity, and they do so often.

| Senior Forum Editor

Please, post that infographic

Seeing so many of my followers posting every day, finding ways to spread the word about important racial issues, even in such a small way, made a difference.

| Staff Writer

Why one activist organization has turned to social media during the pandemic

As the world has shifted online, so have the organizations working to make it a more equitable place. The Washington University Graduate and Undergraduate Workers Union (WUGWU) has changed their organizational structure and their advocacy to meet the unique demands of the pandemic.

| Staff Editor

Repurposed through quarantine: WU senior takes fashion school to TikTok

Senior Emma Rubinson is now on the cusp of receiving her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in fashion and is the creator of a TikTok account with just under 110,000 followers, where she shares her extensive knowledge about the inner workings of fashion to the online world.

| Staff Editor

I was speaking

One of the most notable remnants of in-person class, though, is the tendency for men to interrupt and speak over women.

| Staff Writer

The slow, incredibly climactic, end of many mini eras

This summer, I deleted all social media for several weeks. As the Snapchat logo did its vibrating dance on my phone I struggled to free myself from the app’s grip.
And that was, of course, because of my streaks.

Ali Gold | Contributing Writer

Houseparty director talks new app

Kimberly Kalb, the director of growth for Houseparty, a new app that allows users to easily move between group conversations, spoke about the app, the motivation behind it and how her team has risen to where they are now in the technological world Monday, Dec. 6.

| Contributing Reporter

Letter from the editor

Today’s issue includes a story packaged under the headline “Social media deepens divide” about the backlash following a photo posted on Snapchat—and later Facebook—of two students with beauty products on their faces and the caption, “We’re in the zulu (sic) tribe.”

| Editor-in-Chief

Op-ed submission: More than Black & White

It goes without being said that I was not surprised when I received a text message featuring an image of two female Asian students sporting modern variations of Black face with the caption, “We’re in the zulu (sic) tribe.”

Morgan Bryant | Class of 2019

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