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Our modern day Icarus: Girlbossing a little too close to the sun

What started as a seemingly harmless term of women’s empowerment in the field of business has turned into a phrase facetiously used to describe a woman doing literally anything in the name of femininity.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Finding truth in silence: An internal reflection on racial injustice

I realized after days of being taunted by a blank screen, that I can’t. I cannot explain to a non-Black person what it means to wear this skin each day, this skin that—despite who wears it—will always be marked and measured by the scars placed upon it by American hands, scars that I inherited from a past I did not know.

| Managing Editor

Students rally behind Close the Workhouse campaign

Newly formed student group Interrogating Incarceration is joining forces with city-wide efforts to shut down the Workhouse, a medium-security penitentiary in St. Louis, for its inhumane conditions and its disproportionate number of Black inmates.

| Senior News Editor

Interrogating Incarceration club works to raise awareness, eliminate disconnect

While many Washington University students may be interested in getting involved with social justice causes such as mass incarceration and education, it is often unclear how to get one’s foot in the door.

| Senior Scene Editor

Op-ed: Wash. U. must address double standards around protest

Washington University’s policy ignores black and brown students fighting against unjust systems who failed in the past and even the present to receive institutional protection.

Christian Ralph | Class of 2017

Wash. U. to support class of 2022 applicants who peacefully protest

“March on,” the statement from Washington University ends, pledging to prospective students in the class of 2022 that they will not face consequences from the University if they are disciplined for engaging in peaceful protests.

Emma Baker | News Editor

‘Black Panther’ breaks the mold

With an estimated $235 million in sales over the course of four days, director Ryan Coogler’s film ranks as “the biggest February opening weekend ever, the biggest non-sequel debut ever and the top-grossing film by a black director.”

Sabrina Sayed | Contributing Writer

Wash. U. doesn’t care about minority faculty

Only 10 percent of the tenure-tracked faculty at Washington University are minorities.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer

Environmental justice, jobs and ice cream: Office of Sustainability event connects Wash. U. students with St. Louis organization

Environmental and social justice go hand-in-hand. The Washington University Office of Sustainability organized an internship fair to highlight the link.

| Senior Scene Editor

What trigger warnings are and when they help

Helpful trigger warnings are few and far between. Here’s a list of ways to get out of triggering situations without losing your anonymity.

| Senior Scene Editor

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