The slow, incredibly climactic, end of many mini eras

This summer, I deleted all social media for several weeks. As the Snapchat logo did its vibrating dance on my phone I struggled to free myself from the app’s grip.
And that was, of course, because of my streaks.

Ali Gold | Contributing Writer

Social media deepens divide

A Snapchat depicting two sophomore Asian-American students was met with criticism from members of the Washington University community and beyond this weekend. A Facebook post by sophomore Morgan Bryant on Saturday prompted the initial response, as Bryant, who is black, described her reaction to the photo.

| Breaking News Editor

Always “on”: The never-ending social media performance

Social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and others make it so that our performance never ends.

| Staff Writer

Let’s keep this between us

Fun, accessible and entertaining—that’s exactly what social media was designed to be. But sometimes, Snapchat can take “entertainment” a bit too far by adding features that hurt more than amuse its users. Enter the screenshot.

| Staff Columnist

Digital love: The joy of sexting

It all began with the digital camera. Then came the camera phone, which, when combined with instant uploads, internet access and texting, made the phenomenon widespread. Now with the Snapchat application, no one is safe.

Julia Zasso | Contributing Writer

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