Night three in the Olin Games: A victorious Dorian

The insanity is over. You can all stop asking us, “What is the Olin Games?” The Olin Games is the past. The Olin Games is history.

| Senior Scene Editor

Put this on to put you out: Albums to listen to while you go to sleep

Are you struggling to close your eyes and let the sweet, sweet relief of sleep wash over you? Is your mind rushing and you need to clear your head? Try out putting on these albums to help you fall asleep.

Wake me up when September ends

If you look at me and say, “I get 10 hours of sleep every night,” rest assured you’ll find me following you around because you’re my next case study.

From A to Zzzzzs: The finals guide to sleeping on campus

Reading week is drawing to a close, but that awful, sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach is welling up in full force.

| Associate Editor

Your holiday gift guide

Around this time of year, every website and publication releases a gift guide to tell you what you really want. You know, because you really want an artisan leather belt made by Burmese monks who traveled to tanneries in Morocco to make it just the right shade of brown. It’s not like these are guides for gifting unto yourself.

| Forum Editor

Come Back to Bed

I’m starting to feel neglected. I always wanted to be the most important part of your life, but, lately, I feel like you keep pushing me aside to make time for your other “priorities.” And when we do spend time together, you’re always late. Most nights, we don’t even meet up until like 3 a.m. What kind of relationship is that?

| Forum Editor

You snooze, you lose

While Paula Lauris offers some good advice about how and where to nap during the day (“Catch Some ZZZ’s”, Oct. 6), she neglects to tell her readers that they should, before falling asleep, take the elementary precaution of securing their belongings.

Catch some “ZZZ’s”

It’s 2 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon. You’ve just sat through an economics lecture followed by an equally riveting calculus class.

| Scene Reporter

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