sleep deprivation

You look tired too, you conniving snake

“You look tired” really means “You look worse than usual, and I can say this under the guise of concern.”

| Senior Scene Editor

Fixing the fetishization of pain

Rather than splitting their time evenly, students trade their sleeping hours for working hours as a way to demonstrate their commitment to achievement. Students here compete to see who can make their life the most miserable and then brag to their friends about their supposed accomplishments.

Wesley Jenkins | Contributing Author

Fall break frenzy

Fall break is this weekend, and thank god. One extra day is such a godsend from the administration, especially after most of us have had exams and papers that have left us sleep-deprived and emotionally distraught. And giving us Friday off, what a great idea! Who cares if most of us already have no class […]

Scene Staff

A supposedly feasible thing I’ll never do again

Don’t come to college for the answers; the questions have them outnumbered. From the mundane “How can an omnipotent, benevolent God permit evil to exist?” to the pressing “How will I convince employers to hire me with only a degree in linguistics to my name?” to the existential “Will I die if I shotgun my ninth beer in the last 20 minutes?

Study finds sleep problems may be linked to Alzheimer’s

A new study conducted by scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine indicates that sleep problems in youth and young adulthood could be an early indicator of Alzheimer’s disease. The study used mice genetically altered to develop Alzheimer’s plaques in their brains as they aged.

Chloe Schwartz

WU researchers find link between Alzheimer’s and sleep deprivation

Catching only a handful of Z’s between studying and writing papers might be normal for students, but it’s a habit that could be harmful later in life. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St.

| Contributing Reporter

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