Mind=(blown)2 at ‘SLAM Underground: MAD Science’

Friday was another incredibly long and eventful day. Having grappled with back-to-back classes from 8 a.m., a Spanish midterm exam and three hours of chemistry lab, I decided to unwind by going to “SLAM Underground,” which is a monthly event at the Saint Louis Art Museum.

Anusree Natraj | Contributing Writer

Danielle’s ARTicles: Review of Alex Prager’s ‘Face in the Crowd’

American artist Alex Prager knows how to capture a character. Her film “Face in the Crowd” (2013), showing now at the Saint Louis Art Museum, pulls at the heartstrings of anyone who has ever felt lonely. Whether it is a divorced grandmother from Long Island pouring her heart out in a dark and secluded room, a quiet Asian man sharing his belief in true love or the famous actress Elizabeth Banks, lost amidst a chaotic sea of strangers, Prager perfectly portrays so many universal human emotions in her frames.

| Contributing Reporter

Despite University opposition, students offer Palestinian-American poet public venue

Though the International and Area Studies (IAS) department tried to prevent him from addressing the public, Palestinian-American slam poet Remi Kanazi nevertheless performed at an open “solidarity” slam Wednesday night.

| Senior News Editor

Why Wash. U. is lucky to have WUSLAM

Last semester, I took The Art of Poetry with professor Steven Meyer. We read Wordsworth and Coleridge and “The Opening of the Field” by Robert Duncan, but the most impressive thing we read was William Empsons’ “Seven Types of Ambiguity.”

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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