Athlete of the Week: Kevin Davet on competing against his brother, being tall and wanting to get back on the court

In this week’s Athlete of the Week feature, Senior Sports Editor Josh Shapiro talks with Kevin Davet, a sophomore center on the men’s basketball team.

Josh Shapiro | Senior Sports Editor

Sports siblings: Wash. U. edition

Just in case you haven’t heard the firestorm of laughably bad puns the national media has bandied around the week and a half, the Harbaugh brothers are facing off in the Super Bowl.

| Managing Editor

‘You mean you’re supposed to write on the wall?’

My family had two important milestones this weekend. The first was my little brother’s bar mitzvah. For those of you who have somehow spent at least a semester at Wash. U. without learning about this Jewish rite of passage, that means that my 13-year-old brother is now officially considered an adult…at least according to Judaism. Legally, thankfully, still not so much.

| Forum Editor

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