University boosts hours of off-campus shuttle

Campus2Home shuttle service now begins earlier and ends later to accommodate students whose activities put them on campus after dark. Starting Monday, the shuttle began nightly service at 6 p.m. and made its last trip at 4 a.m. Prior to the change, the hours were 7 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

| Staff Reporter

Rape prompts University to expand shuttle service

Following the rape and robbery of a female undergraduate leaving campus, the University has expanded its door-to-door shuttle service for students living in off-campus housing.

Although the decision to expand Campus2Home was made at the same time that the University chose to send out a campus-wide alert, that e-mail did not include a reference to the expanded service.

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Late night safety woes?

In an effort to improve safety off campus and alleviate students’ fears about walking home at night, Washington University instituted a one-way shuttle service for students and staff who want a safe ride home. “Over the years we’ve had occasional requests from students for a late-night shuttle home, but we’ve never done it,” Associate Vice Chancellor for Operations Steve Hoffner said.

| Staff Reporter

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