Security guard killed in shooting at Delmar Loop MetroLink station

Washington University Law Enforcement sent an initial alert at 11:14 a.m. warning community members to avoid the area around the Delmar Loop station, before sending a follow-up email at 2:36 p.m. with more information about the shooting.

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University administrators respond to spike in crime

Washington University administrators addressed the recent wave of crime near campus and outlined new security measures in separate emails sent to parents and students Sept. 18.

Aiden Blinn | News Editor

Shooting at Delmar Loop Metro injures two riders

A gunman shot two people at the Delmar Metrolink station around 7:30 p.m. last night.

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BREAKING: Two shot at Delmar Loop Metro stop

A gunman shot two people at the Delmar Metrolink station around 7:30 p.m. tonight.

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Op-ed submission: On last week’s shooting, and how to move forward

In the wake of last week’s shooting, I have heard a lot from students about preparedness on the part of Washington University, communication to students and staff from emergency personnel, varied reactions by professors who were in class when the safety warnings were issued and protections in place to help prevent another situation like it. Thankfully, the University acknowledges these issues and has already begun to improve on all levels.

Robert Mark Morgan | Senior Lecturer

Letter to the Editor

An anthropology professor wrote a letter advocating for increased measures by the University to keep students informed during emergency situations.

Glenn Stone | Professor of Anthropology

Lack of information leads to campus-wide confusion

For the third time since the end of March, an emergency notice alerted members of the Washington University community Wednesday about the presence of a weapon on University property. But while the previous two alerts notified about developing situations on the North and Medical Campuses, Wednesday’s concerned the Danforth Campus, home to all undergraduates and the majority of graduate students.

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Bon Appetit worker shot in forearm, campus on lockdown for over an hour

The Danforth Campus went on lockdown for over an hour yesterday after a shooting on Forsyth Boulevard left a Bon Appetit employee with a gunshot wound to her forearm.

| Editor-in-Chief

Wash. U. needs to better prepare us for active shooting situations

A Washington University student argues that the University needs to better prepare students to deal with active shooting situations.

Thomas Van Horn | Class of 2018

Person injured in shooting, all clear issued

The Danforth Campus was on lockdown following a shooting on Forsyth Boulevard near the Mallinckrodt Center, according to a media statement from Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs Jill Friedman.

| Editor-in-Chief

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