sexual orientation

Combating the stigma against asexuals and aromantics

In the wake of Valentine’s Day, I would like to remind everyone that it’s perfectly all right for the holiday to be all about the candy—in fact, for some people, it’s always been about the candy.

Hao-Han Pan | Contributing Writer

Advocating for athlete allies

Athlete Ally, as stated on its website, is a “nonprofit organization focused on ending homophobia and transphobia in sports by educating allies in the athletic community and empowering them to take a stand.

Candlelit vigil in remembrance of gay students

Students gathered Thursday night, October 21, for the Vigil of Awakening in remembrance of the recent suicides of students who had been targeted for being gay and in support of all the LGBTQIA youth who have been bullied. Members of the LGBT community and a large number of allies attended the vigil, as well as several community members.

| Senior News Editor

Laclede Gas moving in the right direction

Two months ago, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation rated Laclede Gas Company as the worst place of employment in the nation for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered workers, tied only with ExxonMobil. After a March 26 protest championed by Show Me No H8 and other local activist groups, Laclede has officially changed its company policy to include protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Wash. U., the gay way

As some of you already know, and all of you are going to find out, Wash. U. exists in a bubble—a bubble where people can be comfortable and be respected for who they are.

| Pride Alliance President

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