sexual harassment

Feminist writer and activist Jessica Valenti discusses feminism, gender-based violence

Prominent feminist writer and activist Jessica Valenti spoke on feminism, rape culture and sexual harassment in Graham Chapel April 9.

| Staff Reporter

Time’s Up, #MeToo movements shed light on national issues of sexual harassment, assault, continue to have impact into 2018

According to Dr. Amy Cislo, #MeToo ties in with the history of the feminist movement as a whole.

| Senior News Editor

Letter to the editor

And please do not repeat my mistake of blaming yourself for it. You did NOT do anything to bring on that predatory behavior or to encourage it. It was NOT your fault.

Stew Epstein | Former SUNY Brockport Professor

Sexual assault survey shows WU in line with peers

By the time they reach the end of their senior years, one-third of female undergraduates at Washington University will have been the victim of some type of nonconsensual sexual contact, according to the most up-to-date, comprehensive figure.

| Senior Editor

Finally, a candidate who can multitask

We would like to congratulate Herman Cain on the most recent reveal of his commitment to the opposite sex. On Tuesday, a woman came forth claiming that she and Cain had a 13-year affair until he began running for president. He would pay for her plane tickets out to conferences, where the two would carry on all sorts of intimate activities.

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