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Editor’s Note season 2 episode 13: WashU’s sex life

In this week’s podcast Student Life editors read and discuss stories submitted to our annual sex survey.

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Student Love 2019: Let me whisper in your ear

The results of Student Life’s 2019 Sex Survey!

Student Life Staff

2019 Sex Survey reveals students’ sex habits

2,027 people took the survey from Jan. 28 to Feb. 9. Student Life’s 2019 sex survey found that 74 percent of respondents (approximately 1,406 people) said they have had sex.

News Editors

Staff ed: ‘Student Love’ is back for another year

After sustaining jokes about how “no one reads Student Life” the rest of the year, it’s nice to put together something that people will actually see.

Let’s talk about sex, baby: XMag broadens the conversation with art and articles about sexual health, sex positivity

XMag is a publication devoted to topics ranging from STI prevention to porn and everything in between.

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2017 sex survey statistics reveal students’ sex habits

The results for Student Life’s 2017 Sex Survey revealed that 76.4 percent of Washington University students have had sex—an increase from last year’s figure of 67.7 percent.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Let’s get naked

Student groups stripped down for Student Life’s annual sex issue shoot.

We’re up all night to get lucky

Everyone always need recommendations for the best music to nut in the gut to, so without further ado, Student Life presents our stupid sexy playlist.

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Best and worst sex scenes

Student Life’s Cadenza staff dove into their favorite and least favorite sex scenes from film and TV:

Improve your romantic life by taking your date to a hockey game

Spend money on romantic experiences, specifically the most romantic experience there is: hockey games.

Jon Lewis | Staff Writer

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