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Survey shows sexual health appointments not a top priority

Only 38 percent of the 1,426 undergraduates who took the Student Life Sex Survey have ever visited a medical professional for sexual health reasons.

| Senior News Editor

Results of survey reveal sexual history of student body

The results for Student Life’s 2016 Sex Survey revealed that while over 30 percent of Washington University students are virgins, 39 percent would have sex with presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

| Staff Reporter

Vagina Monologues refocuses on transgender inclusivity through beneficiary choice

The Vagina Monologues will feature an increased focus on trans-inclusivity thanks to the St. Louis Metro Trans Umbrella Group (MTUG), the beneficiary of this year’s production.

| News Editor

Celebrity sports crushes

When you dedicate yourself to the craft of a sport, you tend to immerse yourself in the entire world of athletics. That can lead to some intense fandoms and athletic crushes. Student Life asked some of Wash. U.’s most prominent athletes about the professional athletes that make their hearts beat faster.

| Staff Writer

The top 10 silliest sports sex scandals in history

We could debate the merits of exposing athletes’ intimate lives ad infinitum, but that’s simply not as fun as delving into these sordid affairs in honor of impending Valentine’s Day. Here are the 10 most hilarious, wacky, what-would-their-mothers-think sexcapades from the sexy world of sports.

| Senior Sports Editor

Best places to ‘get dome’ in the Dome

Now that the Edward Jones Dome is down, it’s up to us to come up with alternative uses for this lonely building. If you manage to sneak past security with your main squeeze, here are the best places get down and dirty on the artificial turf.

Sports Staff

The secret guide to Netflix and chill

There are far too many misconceptions as to how Netflix and chill is supposed to work. Lonely students up too late and at the end of their Kleenex supply simply assume that a text and a short walk later, they’ll be getting lucky. Not so.

| Senior Forum Editor

How to best avoid a former flame (insert fire emoji here)

What that poor, exhausted student failed to mention was the exaggerated Murphy’s Law effect Wash. U. has for those people you’ve seen less than fully clothed. Wash. U. is the perfect size to run into your former flame be they hook-up, ex, or just a Saturday night DFMO (“dance floor make-out,” for the uninitiated) on a much too consistent basis.

Forum Staff

Breaking down our relationship dealbreakers

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but Student Life is picky. Here’s who won’t be getting any of our conversation hearts Sunday morning.

Sex Survey proves engineers get more than just jobs: Results of survey show high intra-major dating

According to the results of this year’s Student Life Sex Survey, most Washington University students tend to date someone within the same school or division of major.

Amelia Ma | Contributing Reporter

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