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sex ed

Forum gets real on sexual education

As the Forum staff has found, our backgrounds in sexual education vary greatly, and they deserve to be examined equally. Without further ado, here is Forum’s take on a serious sex issue.

Lauren Alley, Peter Dissinger and Ariel Kravitz

News you can use: John Oliver and sexual education

In an age of ubiquitous social media, where everyone is glued to their smart devices, John Oliver manages to actually make people “smart” through his hilarious investigative reporting that goes beyond what Stewart and Colbert were able to accomplish on their own shows.

| Contributing Writer

Sex ed: SHS initiatives fill gaps from high school

With students coming from a vast array of places, background levels and thoroughness of sex education inevitably vary. Though Washington University does not take an official “sex-positive” stance on sexual education, it provides programming and supplies through Student Health Services to increase sexual safety on campus.

| Staff Reporter

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