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Community Service Office, Gephardt Institute merge, create new freshman volunteer program

Meet St. Louis, a new freshman community engagement program sponsored by the newly created Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement, will take place over the upcoming weekends and replace the tradition of Service First.

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End of Service First allows for fresh ideas and improvements

We do not intend to criticize Service First now that it has come to an end, but rather to use it as a learning experience to relaunch and rethink a different kind of Service First. We propose that more meaningful, enjoyable projects could be selected to not only add greater value to the overall experience but to also enlighten students about Washington University’s vast array of community service organizations.

Service Last

Service First, Washington University’s day-long freshman community service program, will be discontinued for future students due to logistical challenges, according to the Community Service Office.

Nikhil Patel | Contributing Reporter

Service First rescheduled for day after fall W.I.L.D., two others

Service First, Washington University’s annual student service project in St. Louis community schools, has been rescheduled, divided into three days and opened up to students beyond first-year students and project leaders. The final day of the project is the Saturday following the fall Walk In Lay Down (W.I.L.D.) concert.

Staff Editorial: Service First deserves better planning

This Labor Day weekend, a Wash. U. tradition was cancelled for the first time in recent memory. Service First, a day-long community engagement for freshman, was called off when remnant weather from Hurricane Isaac threatened to make the day tedious, dangerous and logistically difficult.

Community service strikes back at Wash. U.

Remember the day you went to paint a mural at a St. Louis school? Remember how you were as painted as the mural? You can have these good times once again! From those who brought you Service First comes a continuing service opportunity called Service Second. In honor of the 10th anniversary of Service First, […]

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