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Student Union cuts more than $500K, unanimously passes budget

Student Union unanimously approved its general budget for the 2019-2020 school year, cutting $555,734.69 in general budget requests, Tuesday night.

Julia Arbanas | Staff Reporter

Mother’s Bar: A look back

Another Fall Break has passed, and with it went another senior class trip to Chicago. Though this year’s trip wasn’t without its snafus thanks to a renegade hotel, the uproar pales in comparison to that from last year’s trip.

Hotel cancels senior trip reservation

With five days to go before the senior class trip, the Senior Class Council was forced to change its plans for housing nearly half of the trip’s participants.
The Fairmont Millenium Hotel had agreed to house 128 of the trip’s 272 participants, but pulled out of the contract with the Senior Class Council on Wednesday after overbooking the hotel.

| Student Life Editors

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