RE: Wash. U. is segregated

Last weekend, I logged onto Facebook to see what was going on. As I studied my newsfeed (which has changed 15 times in two years), some pretty striking statuses came to my attention. They spoke of ignorance and racism, specifically targeting some freshman girl, Claire Ferguson. I saw several different statuses as I scrolled down, and wondered what was going on.

Jonathan Howard | op-ed Submission

Not another segregation article

We tend to eat dinner with those who look like us, and we feel inclined to join cultural groups with those who have similar backgrounds. To some, this may understandably bring to mind the term “segregation,” yet I believe the term “identity” is more fitting to the situation at hand.

| Staff Columnist

Re: Unintentional, but still segregation

Allow me to first clarify some things so that the content of my opinion piece will be received within context: I am black, I am a junior, and I am from Harlem, N.Y., originally born in the South Bronx, New York City. Both areas are predominantly made of people of black, Puerto Rican and/or Dominican descent.

Naia Ferguson | Op-Ed Submission

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