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Other Happenings | Feb. 12, 2010

Other Valentine’s happenings for the week of February 14, 2010.

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The Haps: Oh La La, A Burlesque Show

What is sexy? Is it tight, black lace? Coy confidence? Showing a little skin? In the world of Burlesque shows, sexy can be any of these things as long as it keeps your eyes glued to the tantalizing dancer. Burlesque shows are strip shows with sass that depend more on teasing the audience than wham-bamming them with nudity. Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely nudity in Burlesque, but it’s all about the style. St.

| Scene Events Columnist

A classy place to hook up

It’s a given that the Village East is the nicest housing on campus. Let’s be serious, at $11,342 per year, residents should be getting free room service. It’s new, it’s clean and it looks like a castle. But what are you really paying for?

| Scene Reporter

How to give a textbook blow job

So, here goes my knowledge collected from interviewing men and women, and my observations (including those drawn from porn), which I will organize into a list of tips to be used at one’s own discretion. Remember: all men—and their penises—are different. These are not rules. Also, remember, STDs are transmitted from oral sex, too!

L Moore | Sex Columnist

The sexiest (unexpected) body parts

When we finally learn about the birds and the bees, something happens: We begin our strong obsession with what sets girls and guys apart

| Senior Scene Editor

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