Consider socioeconomic background before passing judgment on members of the ROTC

Judging people for joining the ROTC, labeling them as murderers or as lacking morality, is elitist. It is failing to realize that not everyone can afford to go to college or has the connections and the guidance to find other scholarships to avoid the military.

| Managing Editor

Prospective WU students to be automatically considered for academic division-based merit scholarships

Prospective Washington University students are no longer required to submit a separate application for academic division-based scholarship programs beginning in the fall 2019 admissions cycle.

| Staff Reporter

WU announces commitment to reporting, supporting KIPP students

Washington University has clarified its role as a sponsor, and now partner, with KIPP public charter schools, as the University announced it will actively search for qualified KIPP students who otherwise may not have known of opportunities offered at the University.

Bailey Winston | Contributing Reporter

A close look at the Honorary Scholars program

Students in WU/FUSED and the Diversity Affairs Council might be pushing for more financial aid, but Washington University offers both need-based and merit scholarships.

| Staff Reporter

Scholarship is created to honor WU alumnus who died in shooting

A scholarship has been set up in honor of the 1977 Washington University alumnus Adriel Johnson, the University of Alabama at Huntsville professor who was killed in a campus shooting in February. In commemoration of Johnson’s death, the students at the Alabama school have established the scholarship to honor him and the other victims of the shooting. The Dr. Adriel D. Johnson, Sr.

Megan Nager | Contributing Reporter

Schools aim for consensus on future of student aid programs

In order to settle the current battle regarding the distribution of scholarship money in the Access Missouri program, officials from 10 universities have gathered to try to reach a consensus on the issue.

| Staff Reporter

Seniors commit class gift to McLeod scholarship fund

Senior Class President Fernando Cutz announced Wednesday night that the Class of 2010 would donate all funds raised through the senior class gift drive to the McLeod Scholars Program. The scholarship commemorates dean Jim McLeod, who has taken a leave of absence to undergo cancer treatment.

| News Editor

Things we want to see accomplished at WU in 2010

As the Washington University community begins 2010, we have decided to once again submit our list of expectations for the new year. These are a combination of coming events that we think it important to highlight, general trends we wish to commend or decry and a prospective list of some of the issues we think should command the Wash. U. community’s attention over the upcoming semester.

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