Does our academic schedule compare poorly to other schools?

Washington University’s fall academic calendar is unique—starting a full week before most private universities, with two one-day breaks (Labor Day and fall break, which falls a week after Columbus Day), a traditional Thanksgiving break and then ending with a three-day reading week and five days of exams. In the research I have done, I have yet to find a university of the same caliber or size with a directly comparable schedule.

Peter Dissinger | Contributing Writer

Wild: A brief schedule of events

In honor of the fast-approaching spring W.I.L.D., Student Life put together a handy schedule to get through this Friday. 10:40 a.m.: Intend on waking up early to pre-game lab work. End up off by approximately two hours. 11:15 a.m.: Stumble into the Village to take advantage of free pancakes. Regret existence and the paper you […]

| Associate Editor

Spring scheduling: Our picks

The fast approach of spring registration means the return of students scrambling to schedule advising appointments, and trying to figure out how to fill their cluster and integration requirements in the least painful way possible. Amid the flurry of appointments, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what’s worth taking.

Fall TV schedule

We sacrifice our time and our social lives for watching every TV show we can. So we have compiled a list of new and returning fall shows for everyone’s viewing entertainment

| TV Editor

Dream scheduling

I just finished a course where, after taking the last exam, more than 75 percnt of the class walked out of the classroom without staying to watch the final DVD. I’m sure the extra stress of this final week of classes squashed right next to Thanksgiving had something to do with the mass exodus, but […]

| Senior Forum Editor

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