Op-Ed (Satire): What the Notre Dame fire means to me

The torrential blaze that devastated the cathedral nave isn’t simply a subject for discussions on preservation, restoration and medieval architecture: It’s at the epicenter of political debate – about the meaning of tradition, hegemony and what the priorities of news should be – in which I feature centrally.

Maya St. Clair | Class of 2019

A new satire for a new era

I read the newspaper and occasionally turned on NBC (and once, accidentally, C-SPAN), but most of my exposure to politics was through comedy. For me, politics and satire have always gone hand in hand. But lately, satire has started to feel a little different.

Jen McLish | Staff Writer

The beefcake’s guide to AC etiquette

So you want to get huge? This isn’t a job for the South 40 Fitness Center. You won’t make gains prancing on an elliptical. You need to head over to the Athletic Complex weight room where the big boys play.

Sports Staff

Let my hoverboards go!

In case you missed it, effective Feb. 10, Washington University has banned the use and storage of hoverboards on all campuses. For those unaware of what hoverboards are, they’re essentially segways without handlebars. We at Student Life believe that the hoverboard ban will only act in hindrance to the student body.

Charlie Hebdo cartoons were offensive, but cartoonists have a right to offend

Satire is often called the highest form of wit in that it points to the world’s hypocrisies and trivializes them. Through satire, we as a global society can grow by addressing the problems that someone more cynical identifies for us.

Wesley Jenkins | Staff Writer

WUndergound celebrates 50th issue with full color

Washington University’s most colorful publication is celebrating its fiftieth issue by transitioning to a full-color paper.

| Editor-in-Chief

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