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Don’t forget to have fun

As a journalist, I always try to keep my own voice out of my writing and strive to finish everything on deadline. For this column, I have broken both of those rules. Sitting and reflecting on my time at Wash. U., I’ve drawn a blank on what to write about here.

| Former Editor-in-Chief

Gaertner named editor in chief for ’10-’11 year

Junior Kate Gaertner was named editor in chief of Student Life for the 2010-2011 school year. The announcement was made Saturday at the annual banquet held by Washington University Student Media Inc. (WUSMI), whose board oversees Student Life. Gaertner is currently studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, and was notified of her selection in a Skype conversation held from the Moonrise Hotel on the Delmar Loop.

| Senior News Editor

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