“He is being outwitted by a stand-up comic”: WashU National Security Historian breaks down Russia invasion

Student Life speaks with Professor Krister Knapp about the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

| Staff Writer

Author, journalist Masha Gessen discusses Russian politics in Graham Chapel

Russian-American author and journalist Masha Gessen spoke at Graham Chapel about her most recent book, “The Future is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia,” as part of the Student Union Trending Topics lecture series Friday.

| Contributing Reporter

Sochi falls short of Olympic expectations

The Sochi Olympics came to a close Sunday with the host nation celebrating a win in the overall medal count, buoyed by strong (if not marred by judging controversy) finishes in figure skating.

Sophomore gets a lesson in nuclear proliferation

With Iran getting increasingly close to nuclear capabilities, weapons of mass destruction are more and more a concern in modern-day politics. Sophomore Parsa Bastani, president of Wash. U.’s Global Zero chapter and regional team leader of the Midwest, just returned from an international conference in Paris, France, dealing with the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons.

| News Editor

Reigning in Russia

On August 29, leaders of the South Ossetian independence movement informed members of the Western press that they would be absorbed into Russia in the near future

| Staff Columnist

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