Sorority recruitment works around weather-related travel delays

For the more than 300 students who underwent formal recruitment for Washington University’s seven sororities last week, the stress began before arriving at Wash. U. The storm that blanketed the eastern U.S. in over a foot of snow disrupted air traffic nationally, raising significant difficulties for students attempting to return early to the University.

| News Editor

Top 10 Power Trios

10. ZZ Top
The classic cars, the sunglasses, the beards, ZZ Top wasn’t just a band, they were a way of life cooler than the life you will ever know.

| Cadenza Reporter

Freshman Press: Introduction to Wash. U. traditions

Freshman Press takes a look at some of the biggest Wash. U. traditions, like Bauhaus, Beta Bubbles, Carnaval, Dance Marathon and Diwali.

| Freshman Press Reporter

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