Editor’s Note season 2 episode 12: Greek Life rush season begins

While leaders of Greek Life organizations have had to modify the rush process because of the omicron variant, criticisms of structural inequities within the Greek Life system have also led to reforms in this year’s spring rush.

| Senior Multimedia Editor

Staff Editorial: How your participation in Greek Life enables continued harm

After outcry against the systemic oppression Greek Life perpetuates, more than half of sorority and fraternity members dropped. Now, those same organizations are making a comeback – but we shouldn’t let them.

Staff Editorial: Dear freshmen, don’t rush: Greek Life should not have a place on Wash. U.’s campus

The Student Life Editorial Board strongly urges all students who are thinking about rushing to refrain.

IFC adds fall open events to spring fraternity recruitment

Following the Interfraternity Council’s decision to add a week of open events in November to the spring recruitment process, 128 men have registered to participate in spring rush for fraternities.

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Increased sorority involvement pushes recruitment off campus

Growing Greek life involvement nationwide and on campus has forced the Women’s Panhellenic Association to move to an off-campus location for the start of rush.

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Reworked sorority recruitment accommodates increasing interest

Overhauled due to steadily increasing interest over the past few decades, this year’s delayed sorority recruitment process went mostly without incident, with a record number of sisters pledging the Danforth Campus’ eight chapters.

Dylan Bassett | Staff Reporter

Fall Movie Preview: Part 1

‘Blue Caprice,’ Sept. 13 In 2002, the Washington, D.C., metro area was subject to a string of killings. The killers were tracked down, and the attacks have mostly been removed from the national consciousness. “Blue Caprice,” named for the car the killers used, revisits those terrible days. First-time director Alexandre Moors has received rave reviews […]

Kappa Delta colonizes with about 90 members

Kappa Delta, Washington University’s newest sorority, added about 90 new members in its first recruitment last weekend, about twenty more than Alpha Omicron Phi added when it colonized four years ago, but well less than its target 160. The sorority held its colonization from Jan. 25-27, recruiting new members through outreach efforts such as informal coffee dates.

| Editor-in-Chief

Campus sorority numbers to swell with upcoming Kappa Delta colonization

While Kappa Delta’s upcoming colonization will mean a potential 160-woman expansion of Washington University’s sorority system, a fewer number of active campus fraternities this semester will mean less opportunities for men wishing to go Greek.

WU women continue to rush in increasing numbers

This year’s sorority recruitment saw more rushing and receiving bids than ever before. Of the 376 women who participated, 345 in recruitment received bids. The total number of women participating has expanded by about 20 to 40 people for each of the past five years.

| Staff Reporter

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