Umrath extension to be filled below capacity due to city-enforced cap

Due to legal restrictions, the extension to Umrath House, to be completed next year, will not be able to fill all of its 188 available beds.

| Staff Reporter

Rubelmann Hall becomes rubble, to be rebuilt by fall 2016

After years of uncertainty, Rubelmann Hall is gone. While decades of students mourn the loss of the archetypal “traditional,” the shiny new Ruby promises more space to keep underclassmen on the South 40 and boasts a to-be-decided storefront.

| Associate Editor

Oldest dorm on campus scheduled to be demolished after years of delay

Since 1958, students have lived in and loved Rubelmann Hall. Now the oldest residential hall on campus is slated for demolition and replacement, beginning once students leave campus for the summer.

| Staff Reporter

Going, going, gone? No date yet released for Rubelmann demolition

Students are already steeling themselves for Rubelmann Hall’s expected demolition this summer, even though administrators have yet to confirm a groundbreaking date. Rumors about the oldest dorm on the South 40’s replacement have been circulating for years with a lack of funding stalling the project.

| News Editor

Traditional dorms make way for progress

All traditional freshman dorms on the South 40 will eventually be replaced by modern-style ones as a part of an ongoing process by Washington University to enhance the residential life experience. The current Rubelmann Hall, followed by Beaumont and Lee, are slated for demolition, according to Justin Carroll, assistant vice chancellor for students and dean of students.

| Contributing Reporter

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