The questions Datamatch should have asked to help us find love

Valentine’s Day has arrived. Love is in the air. Maybe you’ve caught a whiff of it through the Datamatch results that were released this morning. Or maybe you think that regardless of how funny some of the questions may have been, online algorithms will never help you find that special someone. Or maybe you didn’t even consider doing it. Either way, we know you probably have some thoughts on the survey. Here’s what we think Datamatch should have asked

Scene Staff

The five types of roommates to avoid

You may think you’re going to be living with your soon-to-be bestie, but how much do you really know about the person you’re planning to room with next year?

| Scene Staff

If only we had known

I received a lot of advice before coming to college – friends, relatives, neighbor’s brother’s uncle’s best friend’s girlfriend’s dogs all felt the need to share their best words of wisdom before I embarked on this major life adventure. Some of it was worthless, some it was weird, and some of it was priceless.

| Staff Columnist

Check your locks

Before my first year at Wash. U., fear outweighed excitement. And I think, looking back, that I was more afraid of my freshman roommate (nothing personal) than I was of Gen. Chem. I had no idea what it would be like to live with someone my own age—someone likely to be very different from me.

| Forum Editor

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