Niche impresses before you even step inside. The enormous windows that span the street side of the restaurant glow with inviting warm light.

| Stepping Out Columnist

Homogeneity of romantic comedies

I’m really excited about watching the upcoming movie “Valentine’s Day” over its namesake’s weekend. A few days ago I was going through the movie’s all-star cast list to see exactly who’s in the movie when it struck me how almost completely homogenous the cast is. Virtually all of the actors and actresses are white.

| Staff Columnist

Ibby’s Bistro

It’s time to make that call home. You know—the one where you tell your parents that you got scurvy because you can’t afford to buy fruits at school. If your parents are like mine, they’ll know what you’re getting at, tell you that they know you’re not on a pirate ship and then suggest that you stop buying so many lattes.

| Scene Reporter

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