How WU alum went from the WU kitchens to CEO of his family business

Displayed on the home page of Xi’an Famous Foods’ website are mouthwatering images of hand-ripped noodles, spicy dumplings and brimming bowls of soup. Behind the pretty pictures, however, lies the father-son duo who put in years of hard work.

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St. Louis-based mobile app founded by WU alum works to keep local food banks and restaurants afloat during COVID-19 pandemic

Washington University 2017 graduate Andrew Glantz is using his own start-up to support local restaurants and food banks in the wake of COVID-19.

Noah Slaughter | Staff Reporter

Tasti-Tea serves authentic Chinese food within steps of campus

Tasti-Tea will leave you filled with joy just by looking at their delicious bowl of spicy beef noodle soup. The Chinese and bubble tea restaurant, which opened this past March is located on Melville Avenue off of the Delmar Loop. Tasti-Tea always uses local farmers’ market ingredients to ensure the quality of its food.

Maddie Chiu | Contributing Writer

Guerilla Street Food offers flavorful Filipino cuisine on the Loop

Guerilla Street Food, described on its website as “Filipino-American fast casual restaurant,” has four locations in St. Louis, including one that opened last year on the Delmar Loop. The relatively new restaurant has made waves in the city’s food scene, earning the 25th spot on Ian Froeb’s “Top 100 Restaurants in St. Louis” rankings.

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What to do on a sunny Labor Day

Since we all get a three-day weekend, and planned Welcome Week events only last six days, Washington University students have to make some hard decisions in the following days, like what to do on Labor day.

(alternative) Mexican food

Many Washington University students are comfortable utilizing the Mexican food options available north of campus in the El Maguey and Mi Ranchito restaurants. But St. Louis has a selection of other restaurants that provide different experiences from the locations that Wash. U. students tend to frequent.

Brock Workman | Food Editor

Where to take your parents this weekend

Put on your visors and zip up your khaki shorts! Parent and Family Weekend is upon us! Ah, parents. So eager! So excited! So caffeinated! So excruciatingly difficult to entertain for 48 hours! Don’t worry though—Scene has the lowdown on where to take your parents this weekend.

Dough to Door moves east to Delmar

Dough to Door, the local cookie bakery well-known to the Washington University community, has moved a half mile east from Melville Avenue to Delmar Boulevard, located near Pi Pizza and the Delmar MetroLink station.

| Associate Editor

No Reservations? No Problem

So you dropped the ball on dinner reservations for graduation. Maybe your parents have been hounding you for weeks and you just ignored them (in which case you’re really in trouble) or maybe you didn’t even think about it until all of your friends started talking about the reservations that they made two months ago.

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DeMun Oyster Bar

This winter brought a new face to DeMun’s charming collection of shops and restaurants: DeMun Oyster Bar, located on the corner of Demun and South Rosebury. Its enticing electric blue lighting and candlelit tables beckon to passersby and drew me in for a meal.

| Stepping Out Columnist

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