When it comes to COVID-19, our actions matter

No matter the policies, if students cannot take it upon themselves to be responsible, COVID-19 will continue to spread.

| Staff Writer

Op-Ed: Complete your census for St. Louis

“Having an accurate tally of who and how many people are living in these areas the majority of the year is critical to secure funding for vital infrastructure that affects the daily lives of college students and neighboring St. Louisans.”

Colleen Smyth | Student Engagement Coordinator at the Gephardt Institute

Staff Editorial: What is it going to take? WU must reform the way it handles fraternities on campus

Wash. U. allows fraternities to be active on campus, allows them to host parties, allows them to continue to operate despite all of the harm. If the University chooses to allow these activities, it is their responsibility to make them safe for students.

Technological ethics should be taught at WU

We need to start truly educating the next generation of thinkers and innovators.

Joshua Shapiro | Contributing Writer

What ‘Joker’ says about mental illness and society

The movie, generally, painted the picture that mental illness, when compounded with external issues, is essentially synonymous with violence, which is not the case.

| Senior Forum Editor

WU can do better than coal

Prestigious colleges and universities like Washington University have the potential, capacity and responsibility to lead the nation when it comes to making the right choices.

Bruce Nilles | Op-Ed Submission

Striking a balance between achievement and life experience

Another year ending and another beginning breeds an abundance of New Year’s “resolutions”: to be healthier, to be happier, to work harder in school. I made a resolution as well, though an atypical one. I watched the ball drop and concluded that I would commit more of myself to my social life. My decision, made in the midst of popped champagne bottles and elated cheers, was impulsive but seemed sufficient at the time.

| Staff Columnist

WUSET is in need of revision

On Oct. 28, Student Life published an article discussing the recently formed student group called Washington University Students for Endowment Transparency (WUSET), a “New student group pushing transparency in endowment.” WUSET, acting in support of a group known as the Responsible Endowments Coalition, has begun to gain recognition on campus, claiming it promotes “responsible” investments.

| Staff Columnist

On drunken ambiguity

I stayed up far too late a few nights ago, talking with my friends, venting some frustrations and laughing about Napoleon (ambiguous jokes are always the best kind). There I sat, crunched against the wall, knees pulled into my chest, when a group of loud and obviously drunk freshmen stumbled past my withdrawn feet, shouting about finding a friend of theirs.

| Staff Columnist

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