Op-ed: Professor Katz, Resign

That pain comes, in part, from our very existence being a topic of “intellectual debate” by those who have not gone through our own lived experiences.

Ranen Miao | SU President and Samson Seley | Class of 2022

Mattea to resign as vice president of administration

Student Union Vice President of Administration Trevor Mattea announced Monday that he would be resigning from his post in two weeks. His resignation is the second for the Montana administration, raising questions about Student Union’s internal efficacy.

| News Editors

VP admin resigns due to frustrations with SU

In an Student Union press release, the Executive Council announced that Trevor Mattea, vice president of administration, would be resigning from his post, effective in two weeks. Mattea, a junior, made the announcement to the Executive Council on October 16.

| Staff Reporter

Seventh senator resigns from SU

Last Wednesday saw the appointment of the seventh new senator to Student Union this term, calling to attention the unusually large number of resignations. The Senate body, composed of 26 members, lost six of its original senators before the semester even started.

| News Manager

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