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After WU housing shutters for rest of semester, students struggle for answers, financial security

For low-income students who relied on campus jobs to pay rent, students without any other residence to go to on such short notice and international students for whom going home was a great financial strain or logistical impossibility, many said the announcement to leave campus caused panic and confusion.

| News Editor

‘They were panicking’: After dismissal from WU housing, students face logistical hurdles

Since the University’s announcement Wednesday, many students have been scrambling to find alternatives to campus housing. Others, unsure of when they will have an opportunity to reunite with their belongings, came back to campus against the University’s direction, returning to dorm rooms and apartments to retrieve textbooks and clothing.

| Senior Editor

‘Rising above’: One year in, RIZE provides important platform

RIZE Magazine first hit campus almost one year ago, providing a unique platform for Black Washington University students to share their writing, illustrations, photography and other forms of art with the University community.

| Senior Scene Editor

Issues with Village House plumbing resolved after third flooding incident

After three separate instances of flooding in Village House this semester, Washington University administrators are now confident that the issue is resolved.

| News Editor

On housing: It’s not personal

While it does not seem like Wash. U.’s personal “housing crisis” will be solved any time soon, I still find it important to address the clear and repeating problems in the housing process.

Isabelle Gillman | Contributing Writer

Residential Life to convert some South 40 six-person suites to four-person suites

Residential Life announced that it would convert approximately 75 percent of its six-person suites on the South 40 into four-person suites Jan. 30.

Curran Neenan | News Editor

Staff editorial: LLCs provide support system for participants

The Hamsini and Women in STEM LLCs are an incredible step forward for the University, but the design of even more structured LLCs would take pressure off of students to find people with a shared interest and instead bring more formerly isolated students together.

Residential Life eliminates homesteading, introduces Living Learning Communities

The 2019-2020 Residential Life housing application will no longer feature “homesteading” for Loft residents and will introduce new Living Learning Communities.

| News Editor

Letter to the editor: In response to the anonymous op-ed submission about the RA selection process

The safety and well-being of our students is always our top priority, and our team of well-trained and carefully selected resident advisers are here to ensure that the students living with us feel safe and supported.

Kawanna Leggett, Rob Wild | Executive Director of Residential Life, Dean of Students

Op-ed: Dear ResLife, please stop protecting and hiring perpetrators of sexual violence

While the possibility that ResLife could hire an RA with Title IX complaints against them is appalling, this concern is neither hypothetical nor abstract.

Anonymous Student

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