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Looking Back episode 3: Residential and social life

This final episode of Looking Back, a three-part audio series, features Washington University students discussing how they made friends and found connection during an isolating year.

and | Staff Reporter and Senior Scene Editor

Shoeless and shivering: Freshmen share their fire alarm blunders

Seeing students gathered outside of a building during a fire alarm––some without coats, some without shoes, some half asleep––is a common sight on the South 40. Because of COVID-19 and online classes, students have spent more time in their rooms, increasing the likelihood that they may need to evacuate their building due to a fire alarm. Four freshmen share fire alarm stories from their time on the South 40.

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‘A step in the right direction’: WU expands medical amnesty policy to include drugs

Washington University expanded its medical amnesty and active bystander protocol to now include the possession or use of drugs in addition to alcohol last week. “When a student seeks aid for an individual experiencing an alcohol or other drug-related emergency by contacting emergency services, such as the Emergency Support Team (EST), the patient and the […]

| Staff Reporter

Keyless journeys: This semester’s best dorm lock-out stories

Four freshmen, each with their own unique lock-out experience, share their stories from the fall 2020 semester.

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The story of WU’s self-isolation dorms

Sophomore Carly Abramowitz’s stay in quarantine housing was “like a fever dream”: a time filled with attending classes virtually, walking around her room and throwing balls at the wall. Abramowitz was sent to quarantine housing for 14 days after spending time in close contact with friends who ended up testing positive for the virus. Sophomore […]

Julia Robbins | Contributing Writer

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, RAs work to build community

The obstacles to normal residential life for underclassmen are an ever-present concern for their RAs, who are working to make their residents’ year memorable in the best way.

| Staff Writer

The COVID-19 WUSA: My experience virtually welcoming students to campus

I applied for the WUSA position this past spring because I wanted to support incoming students during their transition into college; now I am navigating what that looks like in practice.

Samra Haseeb | Staff Writer

‘I just have never felt more disrespected by any employer I’ve ever worked for’: RAs face lack of information as they begin training

Many RAs have chosen not to return to their positions, arguing that potential health risks, lack of effective communication from Residential Life and the threat of losing housing on short notice make the position an unfair, dangerous bargain.

| Associate Editor

WU opens up campus to house frontline medical personnel

Washington University is using the Charles F. Knight Executive Education & Conference Center to house 30-40 frontline medical personnel as of April 1.

| News Editor

Students experience delays, inconveniences in shipping request process

Students waiting to receive personal items from their University-owned residences may have to wait a while longer. After deciding to suspend shipping and packing operations on March 20, the Office of Residential Life is still uncertain about when operations will resume.

| News Editor

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