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‘It’s important for people to be proactive about staying connected to people in their life’: Students struggle to cope with isolation and depression during the winter of COVID-19

With progressively inclement weather and new mutations of COVID-19, opportunities for Washington University students to safely socialize are becoming increasingly limited.

| Staff Reporter

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, RAs work to build community

The obstacles to normal residential life for underclassmen are an ever-present concern for their RAs, who are working to make their residents’ year memorable in the best way.

| Staff Writer

‘I just have never felt more disrespected by any employer I’ve ever worked for’: RAs face lack of information as they begin training

Many RAs have chosen not to return to their positions, arguing that potential health risks, lack of effective communication from Residential Life and the threat of losing housing on short notice make the position an unfair, dangerous bargain.

| Associate Editor

Residential Life ‘not in a financial position’ to provide prorated refunds for residential advisors seeking compensation for lost wages

Following Washington University’s decision to suspend on-campus instruction on March 11, all residential advisors received an email notifying that their employment was terminated and their remaining compensation for the spring semester, which includes housing and meal points, would be canceled. RAs were given until March 15 to vacate their on-campus housing and were asked to cease communication with their residents.

| News Editor

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