Editorial Cartoon | Oct. 7, 2009

Rachel Yoon and Jeremy Lai

Lack of economic understanding undermines Tax Day Tea Party

On April 15, tens of thousands of people assembled all over the nation as part of the “Tax Day Tea Party Protests.” These assemblies were, to be quite honest, pointless.

| Staff Columnist

We’re all Americans

Over the past few weeks Student Life has received and printed a litany of opinion-editorial pieces from Republicans and Democrats arguing about the ethical imperatives behind each of their positions and arguing about how both sides frame each other and treat each other.

| Senior Forum Editor

Republican vote takes more than just taxes

It seems that recently, a number of Republicans have written in to complain about various issues. They’re complaining so much, you’d think they were Democrats!

| Staff Columnist

Middle-aged Republican picketers stir controversy

Adult members of the Republican Party who gathered behind MSNBC’s live broadcast from Graham Chapel with large McCain-Palin signs touched off controversy among students on Thursday.

| Student Life Staff

Confessions of a collegiate Republican

Two weeks ago, the editors of Student Life wrote an editorial encouraging students to engage in politics of “substance.”

| Forum Editor

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