‘We’re out there looking for the best people in the world’: WashU’s race and ethnicity cluster hire continues

After four faculty members were recruited or promoted in the first round of Washington University’s race and ethnicity cluster hire initiative, the second round is well under way as the University continues pushing toward its goal to build a world class research program on race.

| Contributing Writer

Tuition increase places unfair financial burden on lower income students

Students in the top 1% for family income already are represented three times more than students in the bottom 60% in the WU student body, and now tuition is rising again only to hit them harder than higher income students.

Orly Einhorn | Contributing Writer

Let the glass ceiling go: ‘Frozen the Musical’ announces new Anna

Positive representation like this creates a pathway for people that’s lit by those paving the way.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

How ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ played with my emotions

As someone who grew up never seeing anybody who looked like her on television and in movies, except for Brenda Song on “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,” “Crazy Rich Asians” meant something to me.

Helen Li | Contributing Writer

First-year numbers see no major change

Washington University’s class of 2021, in many ways, appears strikingly similar to its predecessor.

Ali Gold | Staff Reporter

Amendment to diversify Treasury passes by wide margin

In a 375-80 landslide, undergraduates voted to approve changes to the Student Union constitution that aim to diversify SU Treasury.

Dylan Bassett

Proposed treasury amendment is good first step

The proposed amendment to the Treasury seat allocation process that is up for a vote Thursday is an excellent first step in creating a better-engaged student government at Washington University. We applaud Student Union for taking steps to ensure that students from every school are represented in student government and the allocation of our student activity fee.

Student Union reestablishes constituency representation

With the new Washington University Student Union body now active, University students will have one of the body’s senators assigned to them.

| Contributing Reporter

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