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Professor Heather Cox Richardson speaks about the state of democracy from a historical perspective 

Professor, author, and historian Heather Cox Richardson delivered remarks and answered audience questions about the future of democracy in Graham Chapel, during an event held by the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics on Dec. 4. 

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Laura Levitt gives lecture on ‘Objects that Remain’

Laura Levitt, author and professor of Religion, Jewish studies, and Gender at Temple University, spoke about her book The Objects That Remain in a lecture hosted by the Danforth Center on Religion and Politics on March 6.

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Civil Rights activist Michelle Alexander discusses structural racism

Michelle Alexander, author, lawyer, and prominent civil rights scholar, spoke to Washington University and St. Louis community members about racial segregation, mass incarceration, and policing during a conversation sponsored by the Danforth Center on Religion and Politics, Feb 28.

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‘I would encourage a posture of humility and inquiry’: WU professors talk religion and academia

A few weeks ago I spoke with professors John Inazu and Mark Valeri to discuss some aspects of the 2020 election. Both professors brought up topics unrelated to the election, like religion in academia, that I found fascinating. The following Q&A is a combination of our first and second talks, shortened and edited for clarity.

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Wake Forest University president delivers lecture on the intersection of religion and politics

The John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics hosted Wake Forest University President and Washington University alum Dr. Nathan Hatch to address how issues such as political polarization and ideological differences affect the larger community March 28.

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Danforth Dialogues leads to discussion of politics, religion

Two panel discussions—one on religion and the common good and the other on religion and national politics—were held at Graham Chapel this Saturday to accompany Sunday’s presidential debate.

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Assembly Series speaker discusses ‘culture wars,’ modern partisan politics

Students at Stephen Prothero’s Assembly Series lecture on Thursday dove into the chasm of culture wars and partisan divisions in American politics.

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