Underclassmen football players and the leadership of upperclassmen

Still in the early stages of their football careers, these underclassmen are influenced and supported by the upperclassmen on the team and the coaching staff. While the life of a football player can be busy, hectic and stressful, the support system the team provides is central to ensuring that younger players can thrive at Wash. U.

Miguel Campos | Staff Reporter

Claudia’s Counsel: How do you define your relationship before the end of the semester?

Defining relationships is a tricky matter—especially in college, where there seems to be an entire spectrum of possible stages along which your romance can fall. Often it is easier to go without defining the “thing” you have with someone else; it can be an awkward conversation to have and two people can often be on different pages when the discussion does come up.

| Staff Writer

Claudia’s Counsel: “Is it better to make some compromises and be in a relationship or date around to find the perfect match?”

I personally think it is better to continue dating until you find the person you believe to be the best possible fit for you. This is idealistic, and I understand that not everyone may believe in the concept of “soul mates,” but I also do not believe that you should settle for a person who only half clicks with you.

| Scene Editor

QUESTION: “I’m new to Wash.U. How do I show that I’m likable and get people to be my friend?”

This week on Claudia’s Counsel: “I’m new to Wash. U. How do I show that I’m likable and get people to be my friend?”

| Scene Editor

Claudia’s Counsel: What should you do when you like someone who’s in a relationship?

Sometimes we do fall for people who are taken by someone else, but it doesn’t mean we’re terrible people with no respect for commitment. Sometimes it just happens.

Claudia Vaughan | Scene Editor

To swipe or not to swipe?: The rights and lefts of Tinder on campus

All across campus, thumbs can be seen repeatedly swiping left and right. No, it’s not Flappy Bird or 2048. Tinder’s popularity seems to have exploded in the recent weeks and months, leading to a variety of usage styles amongst Washington University students. Just today, a friend of mine asked me, “So is Tinder where all the other guys are meeting girls?

| Senior Scene Editor

Taboo: Relationships that cross cultures

It is not a choice many of us have to make when coming to Washington University: love or an education? Most likely, you spent the month of April pondering Princeton Review rankings and the allure of Tempur-Pedic beds. But one member of the class of 2017 was presented with just that predicament. Though he preferred to remain anonymous, he did share his story.

| Contributing Reporter

‘Something Borrowed’

I will be the first to admit it: I love romantic comedies. I will also be the first to admit that it’s been a sparse year. The only decent rom-com I can remember seeing in the past year is “Letters to Juliet,” which came out last summer. So, taken in that context, “Something Borrowed” was good. I’d love to say it was great. It had everything going for it.

| Cadenza Reporter

Facebook Love: “It’s Complicated”

We’re all starting to care much more about what we’re posting online. In college, when dating can almost always be summed up by “It’s Complicated,” what exactly is Facebook dating etiquette?

| Romance Columnist

Hooking up: Professor Susan Stiritz sheds light on today’s sexual culture

We all wish that there was a universal understanding of what a hook up actually means, rather than perpetual mystery surrounding the subject. Professor Susan Stiritz is teaches a course this semester titled: “Hooking Up: Healthy Exploration or Harmful Exploitation?” which serves that very purpose.

| Scene Reporter

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