Personality over physicality: ‘Love is Blind’ tries and fails to prove a point

Along with the rest of Twitter, I am absolutely on board with the new “Love is Blind” craze.

Ali Gold | Senior Editor

Counterpoint: Long-distance relationships are not worth it

I do admit that there are ways to successfully navigate a long-distance relationship, but they have nothing to do with love. They have everything to do with the relationship being a precise military operation.

| Forum Editor

Point: Long-distance relationships are worth it

The main reason for entering a long-distance relationship is that the two of you are truly best friends. Not just that you get along well, not that you enjoy spending time together.

Lauren Alley | Senior Forum Editor

Sex and Pizza

You know it’s tough being a guy. Rodney Dangerfield said it best with his “I get no respect.” When it comes to dating, it’s difficult to be the man. Right off the bat, women think that all we want from them is sex. Come on, ladies. It’s 2011, the new age of dating. Give us a break. We want that and then some.

| Staff Columnist

Spring: To fling or not to fling?

Dear readers, I’ve been watching you. And I know what’s on all your minds: spring. And along with spring comes the decision…to fling or not to fling? It’s inevitable that this question comes up at this time of year—undoubtedly, spring is here. The temperature is up and the sun is out, bringing everyone out of hibernation.

| Scene Romance Coumnist

Class matters: From classroom crush to real romance

“Mean Girls” is one of my favorite movies for a number of reasons. Not only is it based on my hometown—and quite accurately so—but it also features a variety of romantic issues and plights common to many young adults in the real world. Oh, and even I have to admit that Lindsay Lohan looked smokin’ […]

| Staff Manager

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