Reflections’ ‘Love Your Body Week’ celebrates acceptance, inclusivity

Reflections, a body positivity and eating disorder awareness student group, began their Love Your Body Week with a series of panels, discussions and other events Oct. 28.

| Senior Editor

Reflections on ‘Reflections:’ Unintentional connections between recent events

On Wednesday evening, the University sponsored an event called “Reflections: Unity, Social Justice and Peace.” As I took my seat among the small crowd in Graham Chapel, I did some reflecting of my own.

Hanusia Higgins | Senior Scene Editor

Dove model talks body image, gives advice on body positivity in speech as part of Love Your Body Week

Stacy Nadeau, one of the models in Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign, discussed her experiences as a model in a society becoming more accepting of different body images as gave advice to the next generation yesterday. Alpha Phi and Reflections, a student organization focused on body image issues education, brought Nadeau to give a speech at Graham Chapel as part of Love Your Body Week—a week-long series of events aiming to combat underlying issues of negative body image among students.

Bailey Winston | Contributing Reporter

Reflections launches annual ‘Love Your Body Week’ for body positivity

Reflections, a body positivity club, will host a series of events and discussions aimed at promoting the club’s message of self-care and self-love this week.

Lopaka O'Connor | Contributing Reporter

Body love panel talks male body image

Reflections WashU hosted a panel on men’s body image and insecurities Tuesday night that addressed issues of masculinity, race and eating disorders among men.

Rachel Katzin | Contributing Reporter

Eating Disorder Awareness Week: A review with Reflections member Kim Grunde

Reflections is a club that aims to spread awareness and provide peer support regarding the issues of body image and related eating disorders. This past week was National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and Reflections hosted a number of events to call students’ attention to these issues.

| Staff Reporter

Breaking distorted mirrors as Fat Talk Free Week comes to a close

Fat Talk Free Week is almost over. My question: What happens next week? Will the students who pledged to abandon “fat talk” for seven days return to their old ways, criticizing their inevitably imperfect bodies and finding flaws in every pound and tight fit? I can’t help but think that the pressures of our college lifestyles will force “fat talk” back into daily dialogue. The student group Reflections, which introduced Fat Talk Free Week to Washington University, is a positive force on campus. However, as a visible resource at Wash. U. working to raise eating disorder awareness, the group is alone.

| Staff Columnist

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