Reddit and weep: The WU Reddit community

Reddit is full of wonderful niche communities with discussion forums for a wide range of interests, but did you know that we have our very own Washington University subreddit?

Maddie Chiu | Contributing Writer

Housekeeper’s letter to incoming students has a message for everyone

Near the end of August, Washington University surged unexpectedly in the internet news sphere. A note left by Draga Orescanin, a South 40 housekeeper soared to the top of Reddit.

| Senior Scene Editor

Celeb nudes, weird dudes and victim blaming

We as a society seem to be under the impression that a woman’s body is not her own, especially if the woman happens to be an attractive celebrity. If Jennifer Lawrence walks out in public wearing sweats and a bare face, her picture is everywhere. If Kirsten Dunst gains five pounds and decides to do something drastic like, I don’t know, wear a swimsuit, her picture is everywhere. If Hope Solo takes a private picture of herself meant for the eyes of a specific person, well, you can guess the rest.

| Staff Writer

Internet vigilantes: With great power comes great responsibility

While the legal system in place is almost certainly flawed, too much power in the hands of common people can create chaos. Everybody wants to become a hero, but a self-proclaimed protector of people can create victims as well.

| Staff Writer

Reddit co-founder discusses failures, encourages entrepreneurship

“Clearly none of you are sports fans. Well, you might be sports fans, but you have terrible priorities for being here.

| News Manager

‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’

“Call of Duty: Black Ops II,” “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3,” “Call of Duty: Black Ops”: some games have their moments but then fade like the rubbish they are. Others remain with us throughout time, becoming cultural icons and models to the entire video gaming industry.

Rutherford Antioch IV | King of Kings

Interwebz and Economic Efficiency

Last Tuesday, (Washington University Tech Entrepreneurs – Venture Capital) brought Alexis Ohanian, an outspoken advocate of net neutrality and a founder of the massive social news aggregation website, to campus to talk about entrepreneurship and his experience in both raising and trying to raise venture capital.

| Staff Columnist

A dagger of the hive mind

Most Facebook invitations go deservedly ignored, but the announcement by Washington University Tech Entrepreneurial Venture Capital ( that Alexis Ohanian will speak at this school merits consideration. Ohanian co-founded, an increasingly influential website. Though wute.

Internet blackout crucial step in preventing SOPA and PIPA

The Internet went dark Wednesday (or part of it did, anyway) in protest of two laws that are soon to be voted on in Congress: the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act. These bills are designed to curb Internet piracy (which we agree is a problem) through a means that would hurt some of the most respected online corporations.

Is the Internet really that great?

The Internet is great (really, really great), and it contains what might as well be an infinite supply of news and entertainment. Social media makes us feel like our preschool friends aren’t completely gone from our lives. Review aggregators tell us which movies to watch.

| Forum Editor

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